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The Elephant of Exeter Change

by William Ellis-Rees

This is the remarkable true story of one of the most notorious incidents in early nineteenth-century London.

A five-ton elephant confined in a menagerie above a shopping arcade in the Strand suddenly goes berserk, with horrifying and tragic consequences. Set against a backdrop of theatres, schools of anatomy and dangerous slums, the story offers a vivid insight into life in the rougher quarters of the city.

The showmen and the animal dealers who operate in this shadowy world are roguish impresarios masquerading as respectable scientists. But at the heart of the story are two good men: a ship’s captain and the founder of the new Zoological Society of London.


London Ghosts Unveiled: The True Stories behind the Capital's Hauntings

by Karen & William Ellis-Rees

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, you will enjoy discovering the truth behind these ten scary stories.

Discover the real Nurse Lizzie Church, haunting the wards of University College Hospital. Feel for the Bacons of Bermondsey, tormented by a malicious poltergeist. Read about the real victim of a murder whose screams are heard in Farringdon Station. Meet fraudulent spiritualists, eccentric recluses, a twitchy Methodist minister, and a melancholic with a fear of being buried alive.

Vengeful witches and gibbering spectres, haunted houses and dismal graveyards—they are all to be found in this entertaining anthology.


The Splintered Eye & Other Haunting Stories

by Karen & William Ellis-Rees

A collection of chilling stories to entertain and disturb in equal measure. A Victorian clergyman is tormented from beyond the grave.

A lonely photographer struggles to separate image from reality in post-war London. A terrifying journey down the Regent’s Canal turns a young man’s world upside down for good. A child’s innocence is shattered at Christmas.

These eleven tales, which range in tone from the ghostly to the weird and eerie, and in setting from the nineteenth century to the present day, reveal how greed, cruelty and violence bind the spirits of the dead to the world of the living.